JFA , the pioneers of skate/punk rock.  We are proud to have JFA as part of Factory13, we have been making their model
skateboards for many years now and we fully support their music from the past, till now, and into the future.  F13 is stocking
2 model boards from the band right now.  You can purchase shirts as well thru our online store and thru JFA's website so go
check it out.  Thanks to JFA for years of great music to skate to, these guys are hero's so show your support !
Here are the current model decks out now (listed below that are some of our older JFA model boards we made in the past)
JFA PIPE DECK : 10 x 33" 15.5" wheelbase
big routed wheelwells, 7 ply maple.  65$
JFA POOL DECK : 9 x 32" 15" wheelbase
7 ply maple. 55$